The quality of the power supply you have influences how productive your facility can be. Therefore, you need to have a high-horsepower engine that helps in moving your production to the next level.

At Industrial Diesel, we understand the importance of constant and reliable power to productivity. That is why we deliver the best industrial diesel engines – new and remanufactured, engine parts, generator sets, power units, and equipment at competitive prices.

Why Choose Us

While there are many suppliers of industrial diesel engines and equipment around, we are your most reliable source of new and remanufactured diesel engines for these reasons:

Our experience

With many decades of remanufacturing Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, and Cummins industrial engines, we have gathered invaluable experience and expertise in these engines. We have consistently provided our customers with quality engines and engine parts that have helped them more than double their productivity.

Our experience comes in handy in offering you free advice on which equipment or industrial engine will be suitable for your specific operations. It also helps you to reduce the cost of procuring an industrial engine or engine parts as we help you determine the best course of action to help your facility remain at optimal functionality.

Skilled and trained technicians

We wouldn’t have remained a respected industrial diesel manufacturing company without the skill and continued training of our technicians. Our company ensures that our technical team is up-to-date in the manufacturing and design processes of industrial diesel engines and their parts.

Wide range of products

Regardless of your company’s specialization, you need power and we’re here to supply power sets and engines that will make your daily operations smoother. Our wide range of products include engines, engine parts, generator sets, power units, specific brand parts, mining equipment, and oil field equipment.

You can choose from any of these products and we’ll deliver them to you in excellent condition.


Since our inception in 1982, Industrial Diesel Incorporated has been known for reliable workmanship and dependable service in this competitive market. We are dedicated to supplying the off-highway industry with remanufactured high-horsepower Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel/MTU engines. We also provide this service for smaller horsepower engines, as we are a Master Dealer for Perkins products. Our dedication to excellence is evident in our crew of highly skilled technicians specifically trained in factory sponsored classes.

We maintain the latest state-of-the-art equipment used in our remanufacturing facility. Our employees’ continuing education provides them with the latest engine specifications and design improvements in diesel remanufacturing. Improving our staff enables us to achieve our number-one priority of customer satisfaction in our products and service.